Random Draw

Parameter driven random draw

This mode of the DrawGenerator uses a random number generator to compose a draw based on the parameters provided below.

Step 0 (optional): Name Your Event

Would be used in the PDFs generated in the next step.



Step 1: Define the Draw Container

Wherever there is an FAI-ISC dive pool, its formations are used by all other organizations, although not necessarily in its entirety (e.g. CISM; sub-sets for classes below 'Open').
This is why quite a few dive pools are listed for FS and VFS.


Formation (FS)
Vertical Formation (VFS)
Mixed Formation (MFS)
Horizontal Formation (HFS)
Dynamic (DYN)
Cross Formation (XF)
Canopy Formation (CF)

Dive Pool

NSL USPA Collegiate
FAI-ISC Indoor USIS Indoor
SVNH Indoor


4-Way 8-Way  


FAI-ISC Open, also

Step 2: Set Number of Rounds
(excluding tie breaker)

min. 1 round — max. 10 rounds

Please notify AXIS if you find any errors in the images used here. Every effort was made to create correct representations of the official formation images / formation descriptions, but AXIS does not guarantee their accuracy.

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