Guided Draw

This is a BETA Version

We're still working on this new feature but think it's ready for testing by interested users.

If you come across errors, please send us an e-mail.

Create a customized random draw

Coaches can now create a random draw with custom parameters. Choosing a sequence like an all-random dive for sprints, avoiding slot switchers, or choosing orientations for the vertical disciplines are some of the options available.

The tool was created with experienced coaches in mind. There are basically no error checks.

Step 0 (optional): Name Your Event

Would be used in the PDFs generated on the next page.



Step 1: Define the Draw Container

Currently available levels: Open and Advanced.


Formation (FS)
Vertical Formation (VFS)
Mixed Formation (MFS)

Dive Pool



4-Way 8-Way  

Level (only supported levels are shown)

FAI-ISC Open, also

Step 2: Modify the Draw Container

All action blocks below can be used. An action which does not not apply, will simply be ignored.

The sequence in which the available actions are laid out below, is the sequence in which the actions will be applied to modify the draw container.

Beta version limitation: The modified draw container must consist of at least 8 scoring formations. For very small draw containers, the Whiteboard feature might be a better fit your needs.

[Randoms and Blocks]

[Slot Switchers]

(only relevant, if blocks were excluded above)

Step 3: Set Scoring Formations

enter the lower number of scoring formations
(minimum 3 [for 3 or 4] — maximum 5 [for 5 or 6])

[Blocks per Round — feature coming soon]

Step 4: Set Rounds

  maximum of 10 rounds (Competition Rules: 10)

Please notify AXIS if you find any errors in the images used here. Every effort was made to create correct representations of the official formation images / formation descriptions, but AXIS does not guarantee their accuracy.

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