How to use the Dive Generator

Clicking on the "Con­figure Your Draw" button on the home page, will get you to the configuration page where you can enter the parame­ters for your draw, including a title and a subtitle for your event. Title and subtitle are optional and meant as an additional feature for the pdf-files you will be able to generate from your draw.

Please click on the options from top to bottom! Changes on a radio button will prompt the pro­gram to 'forget' the settings on radio buttons further down on the page.

The number of rounds is set to the maximum number according to the governing set of rules for that par­ti­cu­lar organization-discipline-way combination. You can enter any number between 1 and this maximum number.

The results of your draw will be pre­sen­ted on the next page as a list of numbers for blocks and letters for random formations.

The button "Shuffle & Repeat" lets you do a re-draw using the same settings as before. Clicking on "New Configuration" lets you restart from the beginning.




Clicking the button "Images & Names" will insert the names and images of the drawn formations as a new row beneath round number and formation IDs.

Finally there are the two PDF-buttons. Clicking on the left button will generate a pdf-file where every round will be printed on its own page. Clicking on the right button will generate a one page summary with all rounds. This page version is meant as an overview only as - out of necessity - the images will be rather small.


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